The Company

We are a production company with headquarters in Madrid and Santiago de Chile, dedicated to the production and postproduction of ATL and BTL audiovisual content.

Regardless if it is through spots o commercials, branded content , videoclips o animation projects, our objective it to create innovative and quality products, trying to always exceed our clients expectations.

Successful companies such as Red Bull, Corona, Heineken and Microsoft, guarantee our career pathway, but we are convinced that there is no small project, just opportunities to grow together.

Our philosophy, since we started in 2008, has been to bet for a working formula that combines creativity and functionality, and we believe that the best via is a continuous communication with the client, building as a team a high quality product.

The Studio

madrid video production company

The Team


Our chief of production and experienced camera operator. The man you would want on your team, never on the opposite side, he would bet you. Above all he has an unpayable quality; he gets along great with the clients. For some time he share his time between parachuting and gardening.


Editor and 3D supervisor. Manages the delivery dates better than Bill Murray in "The groundhog day". A serious guy that values over all the perfection, the order and can’t stand times without doing anything; before that he grabs his bike and strolls through the city center.


Specialist in motion graphics and animation, without a doubt, the calmest one of the studio. Not even the most demanding client is able to unsettle him. Expert in rice dishes, he leads the design and makes our morning better with quality music.


Postproducer and specialist in composition, he personifies the charisma and buen trato of our project. Some time ago he would cook for us daily, but his rhythm push him to the dancefloor.

How do we do it?

     Drinks consumed this week
Ideas Innovation Design
Motion Graphics Brainstorm Graphic design Playing
Ilustration Composition Edit
Commercials Media production Studio Development Passion
Videoclips Making of On-line Corporative Fx Postproduction Recording