Viral piece created for the launch of the new Microsoft Office 2013 package. In this project the concept of “crossing” is integrated in the new software that integrates the different electronic devices. During several days these devices were left in different places in the city of Madrid so that the people could use them, create a story and would leave them again in the same place so that somebody else could continue the story.

Produced and edited by Sinedie Video Design

Client: Microsoft España
Agency: MRM WW

Directors: Manuel Portillo
Direction assistant: Guillermo Martínez
DOP: Pablo Clemente
Production director: Iván Smith
Executive production: Juan Sanz
Production assistant: Diego Torres
Valet: Thiago Quadrado
Sound designer: Jelly Reel
Original music: “Making me smile”, Max Brodie
Edition and postproduction: Sinedie