Animation Studio: Sinedie Postproduction Company Madrid


Animation studio

Sinedie Motion is the division of Sinedie in which we develop complete projects of
animation and motion graphics. We create and develop all kinds of content, with a
large network of art directors, animators and illustrators.

From its creative development, when it is required, up to its implementation, execution
and delivery, we conceive each project as unique, making the customer an active
participant of the project.

Inversión - Bit Panda Inversión
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AFE - Integridad
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Bankia - Banca privada
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caser seguros - Caser Seguros Amayores
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Bankia - Bankia Calidad

Día - Más cerca que nunca
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Vips - 500K Fans
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Horizon - Horizon_
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Bankia - TPV
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Wannaplan - Netmocrazy of Entertainment

Aditium - Tick Track Transporte
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WIT - We make it simple

Rushmore - Music app